The Best in Travel Technology for 2012 |

In our technological times, the right piece of equipment can make business travel more efficient and even fun. With so much on the market, here’s an overview of some of the best-rated travel technology, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers and accessories to make travel in 2012 a little bit easier.

The future of the laptop is the Ultrabook. As the evolution of personal computers how to order cyproheptadine online. continues, notebooks keep getting smaller, thinner and lighter. Introducing the “ultrabook,” the favorite among many frequent travelers. The most popular remains the Apple MacBook Air for its performance, battery life and durable all-metal body. If you prefer to run Windows, opt instead for the lightweight Toshiba Satellite Z830-10U. Fans love its connectivity, touchpad usability, Ethernet networking jack, backlit keyboard and up to eight hours of battery life.

Smartphone wars: Apple iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In 2011, Apple built on the success of the iPhone 4 with the iPhone 4S. The new 4S model has the same dual-core A5 processor that is in the iPad 2. The 4S’ camera is also notably upgraded to 8MP, with a seven-time increase in graphical processing power.

One unit giving Apple a run for their money is Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus features new Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” software, a comparatively large 4.65 inch screen and comfortable, yet elegant design. Another cool feature is the virtual buttons which relocate themselves, no matter how you hold the phone. Also, check out the Android Beam feature which lets you share contacts, Web pages, video clips and even apps.

Best tablet: Again, Apple vs. Samsung. Look around any airport, and you’ll see the growing popularity of tablets. One of the most popular is Apple’s iPad 2. Similar in many ways to last year’s groundbreaking iPad, the mach 2 version is thinner and sleeker and features a new dual core A5 CPU with boosted memory and a pair of new cameras. Cool for travelers: the FaceTime feature that allows face-to-face video calls to someone else’s iPad 2, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac.

Also worth mentioning is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. If size and weight matter to you, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is lighter and thinner than the Apple iPad 2, and offers Android Honeycomb version 3.1 and a 7000mAh battery for all-day tablet use.

Best e-reader: Can’t go wrong with the Kindle. If you’re in the market for an e-reader, you can’t go wrong with the Amazon Kindle 3G for $139. The lightweight, pocket-sized reader offers a week-long battery life, sharp display and global 3G access, so there is no wireless connection or international data fee needed to download e-books. Also worth mentioning is Amazon’s Kindle store which features more than one million books, newspapers, magazines and blogs, downloadable in under a minute.

Best in accessories. When you’re on the road, accessories such as a phone charger and wireless router are necessary, not just nice-to-have. For chargers, MyBlueBoost boasts an impressive 12 to 16 hours lifespan and is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, as well as a universal version, for around $40.

And when public Wi-Fi is an issue, you’ll be glad to have the Belkin F5D7233 Wireless-G Travel Router, which helps you set up personal Wi-Fi with home-quality Internet speed. It also allows service to multiple devices at once and comes with Belkin’s Easy Install Wizard and Lifetime Warranty.

Before buying any device or accessory, make sure you do your due diligence and read plenty of objective reviews before making a purchase.

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